Are You Ready for Robots to Take Over the World?

Are You Ready for Robots to Take Over the World?

The Samsung Jetbot Mop is hands down the best robot vacuum/mop we've tried.  We've tried some other brands that were imported from overseas because of the low price point, but this guy trumps all.

As the image on shows for this listing, it has a pretty precise edge considering it needs to spin and do its work.  It gets pretty close to the corners and is very intuitive in its movements around your tile, laminate or hardwood floors.  I was very surprised that it could get out of predicaments in between breakfast chair legs with ease.  It really gets every single spot on the floor it seems.

With a high capacity battery, the claims state that it lasts up to 100 minutes.  We ran the test on our own and it did a good 98 minutes before shutting off. 

Vacuuming is not really a problem for us, but when it comes to who's turn it is to mop, it's always a dreaded event.

Check out the review on below:

You can buy it on for around $200 bucks, but well worth the time and effort savings you get.

Click to buy the Samsung Jetbot Mop on if you like the review.

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