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Local Business Spotlight - Twoleen Quality Decor - Lettering_by_twoleen on Instagram

twoleen quality decor custom balloons lettering birthday home graduation events celebration decoration

Are you located in Southern California near Buena Park, CA?  I found this cute balloon design company called lettering_by_twoleen on IG.  They make custom balloons with lettering and you can pretty much put anything you want inside like flowers and toys, etc.

Our son, Jayden, turned 1 and we attained this company's services to decorate the venue for his birthday and other events.  It came out so awesome!!!

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They do all types of events with custom lettering on balloons, so you can take your ideas and have great decorations for your events like birthdays, graduations, mother's/father's day, anniversaries, etc.  A big plus about these balloons is that they can last up to 6 months and hold their form, so you can keep the decorations in your home after the party's over!

balloon custom lettering by twoleen quality decor instagram

I highly recommend them and for the style and life that these decorations bring to your events, it's definitely worth it.

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