There's No Secret about the SECRID...It's Bad Ass!

There's No Secret about the SECRID...It's Bad Ass!

When I found the SECRID mini wallet on, I thought it was cute at first glance.  The first impression was all it took for me to want to try it out.  When I received it in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised.  It's so small!  It will fit in any purse.

secrid mini wallet front image review blog little pink planet

Not only did its slim design impress me (It's 4" x 2.25" x 0.5"), I thought it felt pretty good to the touch.  It's genuine leather and it feels good in your hands.  When they designed this wallet, they didn't cut any corners.

secrid mini wallet slim design

The credit card dispenser is slick and convenient, and holds up to 5 credit cards.  My old wallet was a mess, so this really simplified everything.  It also comes with a currency holder that does the job pretty nicely.  I don't really carry cash nowadays, but good to have the feature embedded in the wallet's design.

secrid mini wallet credit card dispenser review image little pink planet

It holds up to 12 cards because it has two extra pockets, but I opt for maxing out at 9 because I don't want to overload the wallet, but all I have is 9 cards, so that works out pretty well.  lol.

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